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Synthetic stucco—also known as acrylic or elastomeric stucco— Color choice is a strong point for synthetic stucco, due to the wide variety of colors possible with the use of acrylics. If you are looking for rich, vibrant colors, you may want to consider synthetic stucco.



Traditional stucco—also known as classic, cement, or hard-coat finish—is made from lime, sand, and water and has been used in construction for 5000 years. Depending on the composition of materials, traditional stucco can vary widely in consistency. The finish can be smoother and level, or textured and uneven, based on your style preferences.



Exterior plaster is more versatile than stucco. While stucco can only be applied to specific types of surfaces — such as a wire lath — plaster can be applied directly to a variety of surfaces, including smooth textures like concrete and drywall and is made out of lime, plaster of Paris and water.




Stucco repair is a straightforward procedure that is capable of bringing many stucco surfaces back to good condition.



Stone can create emphasis. A change in material from stucco to stone and a change in color from light to dark can create a focal point at the entrance or some other architectural feature.